Ismael Burgos

Multimedia Designer

Exponential Impulse

World Premiere Cupra Tavascan

Client: Cupra / Agency: Vampire / Technical Production: Landscapes /
Art Direction: Onionlab / 
Key Visuals & Plenary Animations: Onionlab

My role: 

In their latest event, Cupra revealed their brand new all-electric SUV, the Cupra Tavascan. Taking place at Tempelhof’s old airport in Berlin, the event showcased the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, all the while echoing Cupra’s exponential growth and the staggering designs they have become known for.

I was in charge of producing various background animations for the plenary session presentation, combining graphic design aesthetics with striking 3D elements to create a sleek and polished brand image that perfectly encapsulated Cupra’s innovative ethos, projected on 4 screens that spanned over 44 meters.